Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Starting 2014

Total Eclipse of the Art came to me in December, 2013 and is starting his new career with an older returning rider at the tender age of 10. We have some lofty ambitions for the new year! Let's see how many we can reach:

  • Qualify for USDF Training Level Rider Performance Award
  • Qualify for a PtHA OCAP Dressage Certificate of Merit (35 points)
  • USA Top Ten in USDF Training Level Vintage Cup Awards
  • USA Top Ten in USDF Training Level Adult Amateur Awards
  • USA Top Five in Performance Horse Registry Training Level Vintage Cup
  • Top Five in PHR Silver Stirrup Awards Zone 3 Training Level Dressage
  • Qualify for the 2014 Colonel Bengt Ljungquist Memorial Championships (score above 65.0% Training Level, 62.0% First Level)
  • Qualify for USDF Region 1 GAIG Championships in Training Level Amateur Adult (earn a total of two 63.0%+ at two different USEF/USDF-recognized Dressage Competitions, from two different judges)
  • Top Five in Pinto Horse Association Horse of the Year in OCAP Dressage standings
  • Complete an unsanctioned Elementary level horse trial in the ribbons
Of course we would be more than delighted to outright WIN in any of those categories but I want to keep these goals reality-based since we're both out of shape! Based on previous year's standings, all of those look like they are well within reach with a few respectable USDF training level dressage rides within the year.

Before any of that we have to:
  • Get Pinto registration transferred to new owner
  • Get American Warmblood Society registration transferred to new owner
  • Get Performance Horse Registry papers 
  • Train!